Celebrating the creativity of the therapeutic process and the therapeutic nature of art


The transformative power of the human imagination is central to therapy. It drives our ability to imagine, shape, and realise a better world than the one we experience; it allows us to open up and express our hidden, inner worlds of pain, trauma, and distress; and it provides the means through which the integration (or ‘making whole’) of the psyche can be achieved – both an inner integration, and the integration of our self with the wider social contexts in which we find ourselves.

This page celebrates this process, in all its dynamic, diverse, and exuberant forms.  It will feature music, poetry, visual art, dance, crafts, architecture, and sculpture – and suggest how all of these aspects of human creativity are rooted in the process of inner transformation.

If you would like your art to appear on these pages please contact us at: 


Click on the links below and go on a journey both inside and outside

ISMOND ROSEN: Pioneer of the synthesis of art and science

ROD TWEEDY: Iain McGilchrist, Ang Lee and the Revolution of Perception

DESY SAFAN-GERARD: Music to Painting: My Encounters with Pierre Boulez

KAREN IZOD: Behind every fighting man are fifteen more and A poem in which I learn what it was like to be my mother in the war. A View from the Attic: Karen Izod on Place and Memory

MEG HARRIS WILLIAMS: Art and Aesthetic Conflict

TESSA CHRISTIE: The art of memory and space

JANET SAYERS: Barbara Hepworth, Adrian Stokes, and Melanie Klein

birds-on-a-wire-e1319461040366JARBAS AGNELLI: Agnelli noticed that the way birds station themselves on electric wires resembled musical notes on a staff, so he decided to play it to hear what it sounds like. 



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