The Hands of Gravity and Chance, by Thomas H. Ogden

Take a Chance, Read a Novel


The Hands of Gravity and Chance is about the interior life of the members of a family, as well as the interior life of the family itself.  While this is the arena in which I work as an analyst, there is an enormous difference between treating an individual in analysis and creating a character in a novel.  In the latter, anything is possible and everything is the creation of the author. So, a good deal of the work involved in my writing this novel was the task of using this extraordinary freedom that is available to a novelist while at the same time making the extraordinary plausible, in the sense that it rings true to the reader’s emotional experience. As John McGahern put it, “The novel has a responsibility to be plausible, life doesn’t.”

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‘Invisible Mending: A Novel’, by Guillermo Julio Montero

‘Always’ is a beautiful word

This is a film made with the sentences and the plot of the novel  Invisible Mending by Argentine psychoanalyst and novelist Guillermo Montero. With the background of a sexual bond, and following the lives of the main characters (Vera and Victor), the novel tries to disentangle the difference between Fate and Destiny. Internationally awarded, this is the first English edition.  

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