Tessa Christie

Tessa Christie’s art explores the relationships between memory and space, structure and content, and the outer and inner worlds


“They are about memory.  Inevitably, as I’ve got older, my memory has got more complex, and the sense of recession


more insistent. I find that time, and the constraints of life, offer some sort of grid into which


I can throw my images; one memory often overlaid

Secret History

by another.


I enjoy drawing architecture on large sheets of canvas because it provides plenty of structure that I can run off into dizzy perspective. I like to twist a grandiose scheme,



to look inside it and pull it apart.

The seasons produce another structural layer because I work as a gardener and live near exquisite countryside. The blanks in the canvas are the 

Sea fever - the Meditaranean

blanks in my memory, easy to live with because my mind is clear; but in their sharp corners there is a little bit of 



Interior of Winchester cathedral



Tessa Christie studied at Farnham, Surrey and at the Slade School of Fine Art, Londonand is a member of Borderlands Artists

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