‘Invisible Mending: A Novel’, by Guillermo Julio Montero

‘Always’ is a beautiful word

This is a film made with the sentences and the plot of the novel  Invisible Mending by Argentine psychoanalyst and novelist Guillermo Montero. With the background of a sexual bond, and following the lives of the main characters (Vera and Victor), the novel tries to disentangle the difference between Fate and Destiny. Internationally awarded, this is the first English edition.  

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‘What is not there, is also there, and has a weight, a value, like mending….’

Is it possible to “mend” torn lives? What role does silence play in concealing our anguish? What mysterious paths lead two unknown people to come across each other? Why does the word “always” become so emblematic? These are only some of the questions that Invisible Mending tries to answer.

Without being aware of it, although pushed by an ineffable drive that possesses them, Vera and Victor are faced with the challenge of what it really means to be alive, but to accept the dare, they must first come to terms with some key issues of their past. Their destinies become mysteriously intertwined, despite the rain, the lightning and the obstinate mediocrity of a stale environment. Their neighbours have long given up their reasons for living, having hidden themselves years ago behind the anonymity of meaningless existences. Nevertheless, Vera and Victor are keen to avoid this destiny, bravely defying their own phantoms – as well as the entire town. Will they succeed and recover their future? To find out, we must read this enigmatic novel, set in the exotic background of Esperanza Station.

This is the first English edition of Zurcido Invisible, written by Guillermo Julio Montero, novelist as well as psychoanalyst, who was awarded the Honorary Prize of the International Literary Contest Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz. The novel was first published in Spanish in Mexico.


Reviews and Endorsements

Invisible Mending by Guillermo Montero is in that category of great novels that know how to move us, refocusing the way we look at ourselves. He is able to narrate in impeccable language an incident, the story of The Violet House, where Vera and Victor will meet in a remote town, with its before and after. Mending involves repairing a piece of broken cloth; when this traceless task is completed, the mystery of Esperanza Station will open up, changing the protagonists forever. After reading Invisible Mending, something similar will happen to us: we won’t be the same.’
Liliana Díaz Mindurry, author of Summertime, Lo indecible, and 1998 winner of the Planeta Novel Prize for Pequeña música nocturna

bird-flying-from-cage1‘This is a marvellous novel. How well Montero manages his trade, suspending the tale at a culminating moment when the two protagonists meet at The Violet House, giving the story a kaleidoscopic turn that takes us to another time told by other voices in the narrative. The dialogues are magnificent, the writing mature, as well as the tone, the narrative rhythm, the handling of the plot and the creation of atmosphere. It is a pleasure to find a novel like this at an age when, as Verlaine said when he was fifty, the flesh is sad and all the books have already been read.’
Luis Landero, author of Caballeros de Fortuna, El Guitarrista, and 1990 winner of the Spain National Novel Prize for Juegos de la edad tardía

5 thoughts on “‘Invisible Mending: A Novel’, by Guillermo Julio Montero

  1. As the author, I feel honored by Karnac Books for the edition of my novel Invisible Mending. I would love to follow and answer any queries from the readers. The novel is about the need to detach fate and destiny, and tries to explore what does it make two people to meet and relate and bond and love… and continue their own lives as if they would have never met before…

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  2. This is an amazing novel, first or otherwise. The depth of characeter development is extraordinary. The writing is flawless and inventive. Dr. Montero is a major international talent. I look forward to his second novel which I hope will follow soon.

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  3. This novel is fascinating. The tension of the plot, sustained even beyond the end, the deep empathy to describe his characters, both protagonists and secondary, and vision regarding the proposed unions and re-unions of human love, make reading a fact extremely pleasant.
    Even beyond the end …

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