The Therapy Process from Inside Out and Outside In, by John C. Espy

Psychoanalysis is a psychic pilgrimage that reveals the depths of our loves and our depravities


I thought long and hard about what to write for Karnacology regarding my book, Clinical Dicta and Contra Dicta and kept struggling how to introduce a book that, even though I wrote still do not fully know how to describe it.  So I thought I would write a clinical vignette that may offer the reader a glimpse into the clinical vignettes in the book.

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Perversions and Paraphilias: Sergio Benvenuto asks what the concept of “perversion” means today

 Sexuality, Ethics, Psychoanalysis

Mans eye looking through a blured keyhole

Many deny that perversions exist.  Even despite the fact that today’s dominant psychiatry has re-baptized them as paraphilias — a name change attributable to political correctness, since calling someone a “pervert” today is an insult. In Greek, paraphilia means “wrong love”. It’s better to insult a pervert in Ancient Greek than in Modern English.

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David Bowie: Alienation and Stardom, by Rod Tweedy

Schizophrenia, Spaceboys, and the Spiders from Mars

bowie1 (1)

The death of David Bowie has revived both intense media interest in his work and astonishing creative legacy and also a plethora of unthinking and misleading cliches about who he was and what he signified. Foremost amongst these is the description of him as some kind of alien being, or “mysterious extraterrestrial”: “40 years ago, in millions of living rooms across the British isles,” one hagiographic BBC documentary started, “a strange alien creature was beamed onto our television screens”. Online and newspaper headlines are full of references to Starmen, Spaceboys, The Man who Fell to Earth – but there is very little attempt to explore or decode these references or to consider their psychological significance.

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