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Karnacology is part of Karnac Books Ltd. (est. 1950). We publish and distribute books, ebooks and journals in the field of mental health through close cooperation with some of the leading institutions in the areas of counselling, psychotherapy, and psychoanalysis. We also distribute books and journals for others.

Karnacology aims to facilitate contact and discussion amongst practising professionals in the mental health field, but also to provide services and ideas for authors (and potential authors) on how best to reach their audience. We also aim to cover anything to do with authoring books or content in the mental health field.

Boundaries and limitations

Nothing that we provide on this site has the character of or should be construed as medical advice, or as otherwise telling or instructing you what to do. Karnacology, Karnac Books Ltd. and the site’s contributors take no responsibility for giving advice on any specific individual clinical issue.



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