Illuminati ritual abuse and mind control: a true story, by Wendy Hoffman

How Mind Control Programming is Accomplished and How it Works

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White Witch in a Black Robe: A True Story of Criminal Mind Control brings to light an undercurrent in society that a minority know about, many don’t want to know about, and the majority are unaware of.

This memoir is mainly a treatise on how mind control programming is accomplished, and how it works. My intensive therapy and my own investigation of myself yielded important information that catapulted me into writing a second memoir. This second memoir was especially difficult to write because I had to fit endings to some of the stories started in the first one, The Enslaved Queen: A Memoir about Electricity and Mind Control. Both memoirs describe mind control, and the second one reveals some of the torturous methods used on babies and small children, as well as describing the healing of my ravaged mind.

White Witch in a Black Robe describes how my grandfather, aided by my extended family, usurped my mind and programmed parts of it to perform criminal tasks. Numerous such programs existed, held by different parts, pieces of my brain, also called ‘alter personalities’ or ‘alters’. Each alter didn’t know about the others, though they could work in a sequential manner to complete an assigned task.

4500a2a4519b3bfc1770278fa1baf0b8This kind of mind control has to begin before the mind is set and before the child has a self-image and self-concept. The divisions in the brain start young and are reinforced throughout life. Programmers such as my grandfather, who design this kind of brain, and handlers who continue to oversee and control all the person’s actions throughout life, together make such a victim into a perfect slave. I had been a perfect slave for most of my life. These words are still hard to swallow and state. I was perfect, because as a victim, I had no memory of this programming through abuse and was unaware of what any one part of my brain was doing or had done. Many people live this way and don’t know it. The victim becomes the perfected robot, an automaton, designed for criminal endeavors which he or she won’t remember. Amazingly, some of the people holding high positions in government, religion and entertainment are also this kind of robot-slave. They follow orders and don’t know that they are controlled to shape the world in the way their handlers want.

Various groups make up these criminal divisions within a single brain. In White Witch in a Black Robe I describe my life as a criminal spy, an assassin similar to the well-known ones from recent history, a prostitute, mule, prophet, and queen. As a psychic, I travelled around the world to attend high level secret policy-making meetings and undercover rituals in other countries, with torture before and after each such event to make sure I wouldn’t remember it.

I had tried many times before to break free and ended up in the wrong hands. When I reached my late sixties, an event made me determined to escape no matter what the dangers. People call this abuse generational. There was an attempt to force me to sexually abuse my biological grandchildren. This time nothing would stop my escape. Shortly before my departure, perpetrators whom I knew broke into my home and tortured me. I didn’t remember this trauma for over a year. I went to work, returned home for a few more belongings and my companion dog and drove across the U.S. to the far west of Canada. I departed from my known life. I left my psychotherapy clients, friends and family.

thumb_mill1_1024I had a place to run to for the first time. I entered intensive therapy with one of the safe therapists who is also an innovator in the field. Unfortunately, many therapists, including well-known ones, are infiltrators trained by this sort of cult to find people who attempt to break free and reinstate their mind control. Dr Alison Miller was my fifth therapist and the first one I saw who was not cult-owned. Over the prior years of partial awareness, I had delivered tons of satanic-type memories but was not aware of the internal structure implanted in my mind, or the programs controlling me. I didn’t know how the perpetrators had inserted these programs or the way in which my whole internal structure functioned as a unit, though all these awarenesses were necessary to achieve mental freedom. I write about the heart of the sessions with Alison during which the original me came back into existence. Alison’s wisdom seeps throughout the memoir. And then the miracle occurred.

Right before the Canadian government’s immigration rules forced me to leave the place where I had finally found help after over six decades of searching, my mind spontaneously knit itself together. I describe this process called ‘integration’ in detail. Little is known about integration, because few victims of deliberate lifelong mind control have achieved this state of wholeness. But we are living in new times in which we can find books, support groups, conferences, and safe therapists who are learning ways of untangling generational, criminal mind control. Victims are reaching out to find out who they are and reclaim their original, real selves. It doesn’t matter what your age. You can have even a few years experiencing your true self even if you go through recovery in your old age. Even a day would make it worth it. Young survivors are particularly blessed, since they can have a long future without mind control.

In White Witch in a Black Robe I describe my adjustment to my new whole brain and to the many safe people who suddenly entered my life to help. So the memoir, which is the story of my life, ends well. The beginning and middle are steeped in evil and tragedy, but everything can be surmounted. In my memoir, I reach out to others who have endured this torturous abuse, those treating and helping them, and the general public who want to know what is happening in the world. This book explains a great deal and sheds light on a network that attempts to control the governments of the world. Names of famous people have mostly been changed, for obvious reasons. I did not write this book for myself. I have little to gain from it. I feel mandated to help other survivors break free and to help the world know.

Wendy Hoffman is a survivor of organized criminal abuse and has been a psychotherapist for over two decades working in general practice and the field of recovering dissociated memories. She has a Master of Social Work and two Masters of Fine Arts. Her first memoir The Enslaved Queen, about electricity and mind control, was published by Karnac Books in 2014, and her book of poetry, Forceps, is forthcoming. Now that she has brought together the separated parts of her mind, taken her life back, and achieved freedom, she wants to help other survivors also become free of mind control.  Her latest book, White Witch in a Black Robe: A True Story of Criminal Mind Control, is published this week by Karnac Books.

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Reviews and Endorsements

‘I am in awe of the strength it took to write this account of a life dominated by such deeply seated mind control. This continuation of Wendy’s story has the same authenticity as her first memoir The Enslaved Queen, highlighting what life is really like for children and adults undergoing this lifelong torture. It is encouraging to see the way in which her journey of enlightenment culminated in her mosaic part-selves all finding their places back home with her, giving hope to other survivors. The horrific intensity of deliberate planned mind control programming comes over very strongly.’
– Dr Sandra Buck, MB, ChB, DCH, DFSRH, Chair of RAINS (Ritual Abuse Information Network and Support)

‘Wendy Hoffman’s new book is an incredibly accurate story that details her life story of trauma and abuse and her recovery process to become whole. Most people do not reach this level of recovery. But Wendy shows us that it is possible to recover from ritual abuse and Illuminati torture and mind control. Her work exposes the evil most people either don’t know about or refuse to believe. Yet her story is very true. More and more people are remembering their stories exposing these evils. Wendy’s strong courage remembering all of this and then telling her story so others can heal shows that there is good in the world and that we can make a difference.’
– Neil Brick, survivor of ritual abuse and mind control; editor of the SMART ritual abuse and mind control newsletter

One thought on “Illuminati ritual abuse and mind control: a true story, by Wendy Hoffman

  1. Wendy: At 54 years old, I am just finding a good therapist. Over thirty years of bad therapy. Why could you not help me in the 2 years i went to you? Why did you continue to be an “expert” in the area? So much suffering. Zoe G


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