The Social Nature of Persons: One Person is No Person - Author's notes

'[A] person lives and grows in social surroundings. For performing and understanding the process we have a special social function, based on biological foundations we call instinct or drive.'

​In his new book, The Social Nat​ure of Persons: One Person is No Person, A.P. Tom Ornay explores the fundamental importance of the social function and the challenge it poses to contemporary therapeutic practice.

Psychotherapy and Spiritual Direction - Interview

'[A]s I engaged in my own psychotherapy and spiritual direction, I began to realise that the similarities far outweighed the differences and eventually came to the conclusion that, whilst the content might sometimes (although not always) be rather different, the process and the experience was essentially the same.'

Lynette Harborne tells us about her book, Psychotherapy and Spiritual Direction: Two Languages, One Voice?

How Couple Relationships Shape Our World - Publisher's notes

The breakdown of intimate personal relationships, including marriage, is costing not only individuals but the nation, dearly. An important new book, How Couple Relationships Shape Our World, identifies how nurturing couple relationships should be at the heart of Government policy.

Small, Large and Median Groups: The Work of Patrick de Maré - Editors' notes

'De Maré’s papers provide a historical framework of group analysis. They also represent an important shift in thinking about the role of groups as a way to both socialise the individual and humanise society.'

Editors ​Rachel Lenn and Karen Stefano discuss a new collection of papers by a seminal thinker in group analysis.

The Language of Drawings - Author's notes

'We find many people who do not manage to put into words the sentiments they would like us to take into account and it is useful to know that drawing their experiences might give them a tool to express their thoughts and feelings.'

A.H. Brafman​ describes some of his original observations on the use of drawings in therapy, which proved the starting-point for a unique, new book.

Healing Intelligence: The Spirit in Psychotherapy - Working with Darkness and Light - Author's notes

​What does 'healing' really mean? How does it work? Alan Mulhern talks about his new book, Healing Intelligence: The Spirit in Psychotherapy - Working with Darkness and Light, and his personal journey towards a recognition of healing as a distinct force within the psyche.

Being a Therapist - Author's notes

'The book is packed with practical advice, is informal, jargon-free, anecdotal, and humorously self-revolutionary. Unlike many books that emphasise the duties and responsibilities of the therapist to the client, this book emphatically emphasises the wellbeing of the therapist.'

Mavis Klein on a new book that shares with other practitioners the fruits of a long and varied therapeutic career.​