The intersubjective infant

Dianna Kenny, author of Bringing up Baby: the Psychoanalytic Infant Comes of Age, presents the evidence against the standard assumption that infants are 'merged' with the caregiver at birth.

The Language of Drawings - Author's notes

'We find many people who do not manage to put into words the sentiments they would like us to take into account and it is useful to know that drawing their experiences might give them a tool to express their thoughts and feelings.'

A.H. Brafman​ describes some of his original observations on the use of drawings in therapy, which proved the starting-point for a unique, new book.

The Early Years of Life: Psychoanalytical Development Theory According to Freud, Klein, and Bion - Publisher's notes

One of the many books by Gertraud Diem-Wille in German is now translated into English, containing significant ideas on developmental psychology.