The Social Nature of Persons: One Person is No Person - Author's notes

'[A] person lives and grows in social surroundings. For performing and understanding the process we have a special social function, based on biological foundations we call instinct or drive.'

​In his new book, The Social Nat​ure of Persons: One Person is No Person, A.P. Tom Ornay explores the fundamental importance of the social function and the challenge it poses to contemporary therapeutic practice.

Small, Large and Median Groups: The Work of Patrick de Maré - Editors' notes

'De Maré’s papers provide a historical framework of group analysis. They also represent an important shift in thinking about the role of groups as a way to both socialise the individual and humanise society.'

Editors ​Rachel Lenn and Karen Stefano discuss a new collection of papers by a seminal thinker in group analysis.